Ty Deamus, Sword-sworn to Death

Stone Cold Killer


HERO: Ty Deamus
CULTURE: Golden Arrows 14

  • Earth 14
  • Death 2w
  • Movement 15
    Distinctive white hair 13
    Swordman 9w
    Sneaky 12
    Carousing 13
    Veteran Ruin Explorer
    [K] Inititate of Humakt 1W
    Leader of Men 20
    Master of Arms 13 (like "Sergeant at Arms?]
    Wealth: Professional Bodyguard, Moderate 13
    Biofeedback (bodyawareness) 15
    Fast Talk 15
    Map [of what?] 13
    - Drunk 13
    - Unknown Parentage 13
    - Fear Dragons (13)
    - Scorpion Bitten 13
    [K] Initiate of Humakt 1W
  • Charmed Sword 1W
  • Charmed Shield 14
  • Charmed Chainmail 13
    [Enemy] Joran Longsword 13
    [Friend] Lunar Merchant [tba] 13
    +6 Swordsman
    +6 vs. Undead
    +4 Leader of Men
    +3 to fighting multilegged creatures
    [ ] +20 to fight a Necromancer [Heroquest benefit for facing down Delecti]
    [ ] +3 vs calaopi socity 1 time [umm, that is a hard note to read Mark]

Ty Deamus has been accepted as a Golden Arrow Clan member but only Marginally. His history is his father a caravan guard brought him back to Pavis when he was an infant. He was raised there by his grandparents and rarely saw his father in his early years. It was rumored in the community that his white hair means that his blood was not purely of the people. Something that has haunted him all his life.

Childhood was lonely for the boy his white hair and obvious connection to death made him an object of fear by the other children. The only thing he had was his warrior training by his grandfather. By the time he came to his early teens he would go with his father on expeditions outside of Pavis as a merchant guard. It is on these travels where he came into his own and is one of the more well traveled of the Golden Arrow Clan.

He has come back to Pavis to be with his sweetheart and to help the Golden Arrow grow strong. By the skill of his sword and cleverness of his tongue.

Earth and Darkness represent Ty the best. Since he is a warrior of death it makes a lot of sense. Death feeds the world it makes way for new things.

Personality traits:

He admires Harmony and reviles Disorder.

He admires Truth and reviles Illusion

He admires both life and death because they need each other. Life can only come from death and death is always hungry for life.

He Admires Movement and reviles stasis. Makes sense if you look at the death the way they present it as a gift to the world.

The character as being really happy maybe a bit boisterous. He sees the humor in everything but is a dangerous warrior that does his duty to Death. Think of the guy who lives in the moment and enjoys life because he knows how short it is but worships death because that is where his future is.

I kind of think of Baron Samedi and the way he is described. He is always hungry, loves sex, loves life since he is always hungry for it.

Humakti have a big step in their lives: at some point they formalize their separation from their bloodline and clan. Those who marry and have children are forming a new bloodline: the spouse can transmit membership in the clan. The new children are a new bloodline. Whatever ritual pollution the warrior accrues, they do not affect the clan. Legally, the clan is under no obligation to provide ransom or support to the Humakti. The severed Humakti cannot benefit from the clan’s magic. His temple and his brothers and sisters form his new community.

Ty Deamus, Sword-sworn to Death

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